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PrimeIntel Partners incorporates its business

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

PrimeIntel Partners Limited, a private company registered in Ireland, was launched today. Before incorporating, the founders were working as a partnership, providing bespoke research, intelligence and investigation services with their global network. The the demand for intelligence-led services from corporate clients triggered the need for the firm to be formally established in Ireland, to serve EU and global organisations. The specialist firm provides business and competitor intelligence & investigations services to organisations from the public and private sectors, and is focused on the Agri-Food, Life Sciences, Retail FMCG industries, amongst others. The founders, Kevin Hart, based in Ireland, and Christophe Parrot, based in France, recognised the need for an EU based firm to help organisations manage threats to their businesses from competitors and other parties connected to their businesses, including customers, suppliers and agents.

PrimeIntel Partners seeks to resolve the information asymmetry exacerbated by an over reliance on data-driven approaches to information used for business decisions.

PrimeIntel Partners is focused on assisting businesses in the EU, UK and the USA with primary source intelligence and investigations to enable better, timely decision making.

Their by-line of

“Clarity through Intelligence, facts through Investigations”

underpins the focus they have in delivering their services to business that work with them.

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